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We cordially welcome you to Namık Kemal University (NKU), an academic intersection of various roads, cultures, nations, study and research opportunities. Literally, located in Tekirdağ, an important city in the South-Eastern Thrace in the European part of Turkey, it is just 120 km from Istanbul in the East, some 200 km from Bulgaria in the North, and some 120 km from Greece in the West. Our University stands on the shores of Marmara Sea, but go only some 100 km to the West and you reach the beautiful Aegean Sea, or travel some 150 km to the East and meet the Black Sea. Apart from the beautiful natural environment, at the University, in the city and the region, you may also enjoy a multicultural environment of sharing values and respect to each other Turks, Bulgarians, Romanians, Albanians, Greeks, and a strong historical and cultural connection to Hungary.

Namık Kemal University is a state university founded in 2006, but its history is longer, having been active in the system of higher education since 1982 as the Faculty of Agriculture at Trakya University of Edirne. The name of our University is linked to one of the greatest personalities in the history of Turkish nation, Namık Kemal (December 21, 1840 - December 2, 1888), an important social reformer, as well as a prolific writer, translator, and journalist.

Now with over 32 000 students and some 1424 members of academic staff, and comprising 9 Faculties, 3 research Institutes, a Research and Clinical Hospital, a School of Health, a School of Foreign Languages, a School of Physical Education and Sport, a Turkish Music State Conservatory, 10 research and training centres, 6 units affiliated with Rector’s Office, and 13 Vocational Schools located on Değirmenaltı Campus in the city of Tekirdağ as well in other towns and districts of Tekirdağ province in the Marmara region of Turkey, our University continues to develop its infrastructure, increase its academic potential, and improve and strengthen its research and educational framework.

Namık Kemal University is among the most dynamic universities in Turkey, committed to education, research, access to information, foreign language teaching, multiculturalism, high quality health services, and production and integration into business world.

Striving for excellence, our University provides a comprehensive curriculum which includes more than 165 undergraduate, master, doctoral, post-doctoral and lifelong education programmes of study. Especially attractive is the offer of the Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, and the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences with their many and comprehensive undergraduate programmes, as well as the offer of graduate studies at the Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences, the Institute of Social Sciences, and the Institute of Health Sciences, which includes a great number of useful and appealing master and doctoral programmes.

NKU provides higher education of high quality standards at a relatively low cost, which, among other things, makes our University be attractive to international students and teaching staff.

Our University already enjoys high prestige on national and international level, having successfully implemented the Bologna Process, and cooperating with many institutions world-wide. Indeed, NKU gives great importance to international cooperation, being an active member of Erasmus Programme and having signed in this respect more than 70 bilateral agreements with more than 50 European universities. To assist our students and academic and administrative staff in sharing their knowledge and experience, NKU has also signed cooperation protocols with 19 higher education institutions in 11 countries.

In addition, our University holds since 2007 a prestigious position in the international forum for higher education institutions through its full membership in European Universities Association (EUA). The University was also awarded the label of Diploma Supplement in 2011.

Namık Kemal University, apart from education and research, offers to students great opportunities for extracurricular activities. NKU places great importance on the physical and psychological development of our students and staff, as well as on those cultural and sports activities which help improve their condition. In this respect, our university organizes free of charge cultural, scientific and sports classes and student clubs which, apart from the acquisition and improvement of skills, and apart from recreation and entertainment, assist them in acquiring the habit of working together with discipline and responsibility. In particular, our sports centre has recently enriched its offerings with a new swimming pool, gym hall, running tracks, sauna, and Finnish bath.

For more detailed information on Namık Kemal University, please access our English brochures: NKUEnBrochure1, NKUEnBrochure2.

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